In January 2018, we purchased 7.5 acres of land near Sneed and Pasquo Road, just south of the Loveless Cafe.  By the end of July 2018, our generous congregation paid off the property. In December 2018, we secured a construction loan and moved into our new facility in March 2020, Phase 1 of our overall plan. Our next phase will be a children and youth wing where we hope to open a preschool. After that, we hope to add a sanctuary. The picture above shows the architect's rendering of our completed facility.

Our prayer is that God will allow us to be a solid spiritual presence as people move to the new housing community in Stephens Valley. 


Watch the construction progress! To God be the glory!

Site plan; May 6, 2018

Pastor Jim gives the loan papers for our property to Elder Bill Kenny...

...and Bill tears it up because it was paid in full in July 2018!

Construction loan closing at the bank; December 13, 2018

Moving dirt on January 7, 2019!

January 7, 2019

Construction fencing goes up on January 28, 2019

Site preparation; March 17, 2019

The view from the Stephens Valley subdivision; March 17, 2019

The building committee tests out the bulldozer; April 3, 2019

Pastor Jim considers a new vocation; April 3, 2019

The steel structure goes up; April 25, 2019

May 1, 2019

June 1, 2019

The lower level concrete is poured; June 20, 2019

The Building Committee meets on site; June 26, 2019

Looking at the chancel in the Fellowship Hall; June 26, 2019

The view from the chancel in the Fellowship Hall; June 26, 2019

Pastor Jim stands in his new office; June 26, 2019

Minister of Music David German tries out the choir room; June 26, 2019

Looking at the office wing from the back of the property; June 26, 2019

Our beautiful backyard; June 26, 2019

The roof goes in over the Fellowship Hall; August 13, 2019

Exterior stone work begins; August 22, 2019

The main entrance on the north end of the building; September 13, 2019

Exterior stone work; September 13, 2019

The covered walkway to the children's entrance; September 13, 2019

The covered drop-off at the children's entrance; September 13, 2019

Looking southwest over the Fellowship Hall; the future location of our sanctuary; September 15, 2019

Looking west over Pasquo Road; September 15, 2019

Looking north over the entrance to the children's area; September 15, 2019

Looking east over the office wing; September 15, 2019

Looking northwest over the children's area and kitchen; September 15, 2019

The kids entrance; October 2, 2019

Pulling up to the main entrance; October 2, 2019

Grading the parking lot; October 2, 2019

The Welcome Center inside the main entrance; October 2, 2019

The Fellowship Hall looking towards the chancel; October 2, 2019

Drywall begins in the choir room; October 2, 2019

A portion of the Building Committee stand in front of the chancel; October 16, 2019

John Avery stands in front of the chancel while crews install drywall; November 6, 2019

The first meeting in the Rutherford Conference Room was a Building Committee meeting; November 27, 2019

The windows on the second floor are being installed; December 3, 2019

Finish work continues in the Fellowship Hall; December 30, 2019

Visitor's Desk; January 8, 2020

Nursery Check-in Desk; January 8, 2020

Fellowship Hall windows; January 8, 2020

Chancel; January 8, 2020

Getting closer in the Fellowship Hall; January 22, 2020

Parking lot progress; January 22, 2020

The view from above; February 12, 2020

Our First Sunday; March 1, 2020