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We Are Moving!

I have exciting news to share to start our new year on a happy note: we have confirmed that March 1 is the "Golden Date" for our first worship service in our new facility! All of our office equipment, as well as other items, will be moved the previous week, February 24-28. American Construction has asked that we not use or visit the building the week of February 17-21 as they complete the final punch list.

We wish we had been able to move sooner but this seem to be the Lord's perfect timing. I like the old line that says, "God's timing is always perfect but He sure seems to miss a lot of opportunities to be early." While we wish He had been "early" we give thanks that He has provided so abundantly for us. Construction got off to a very slow start last winter because of heavy rainfall. And now on the back end we have again received a lot of rain. But these years of "wilderness wandering" will soon be behind us and we will at last have a place to call home!

I did a quick little survey of mileage distances and was encouraged to see that we aren't moving very far. Here are a few examples:

From Julia Green - 12.65 miles
From Brentwood Middle School - 10:35 miles
From Richland Country Club - 11.13 miles
From The Factory in Franklin - 13.38 miles
From Nipper's Corner - 17.13 miles
From Oak Hill (First Presbyterian) - 14.6 miles
From Hillwood Country Club - 10.3 miles
From Kroger (Harding Pike) - 9.9 miles
From Leiper's Fork Rec Center - 13.1 miles
From I-65 and Peytonsville Road - 21.8 miles

I grew up in Oak Hill. I remember how far it seemed to the Southwestern Bible Company out near Moores Lane. Now I live in east Brentwood very near Moores Lane and think nothing of it. As we become more familiar with our new facility I believe the distances will get shorter and shorter.

Let me ask one favor of you: please be thinking of one person, couple, or family that you would like to invite to our new church. If you can think of more, all the better. We are not interested in "stealing sheep" but if you know of someone looking for a church home or who needs a church home, please consider inviting them to be a part of these exciting days ahead.

Posted by Jim Bachmann