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Encouraging Update

Something beautiful happened Wednesday night at 5:15! For the first time in years our church family enjoyed a great midweek meal, studied God's Word, and experienced sweet fellowship. It almost seemed worthy of another dedication service! Now that the room is thoroughly "baptized", we trust that many wonderful events and lasting memories will be established there in the coming years.

One thing we haven't done yet is have a Sunday School class in the fellowship hall. I'm sure that day will come, though. Speaking of Sunday School, please attend the class of your choice. At my former church we had a significant problem of people loitering in the hallways while classes were taking place. We are blessed to have a great choice of classes and teachers so avail yourself of this spiritual buffet. How blessed we are not to suffer a famine of the word of God! To see a list of our current classes, click here.

Below is some more random information about items that are likely of interest to you:

  • Work will begin on widening Pasquo Road to three lanes this month. The project will take about a year.
  • Our elevator has been repaired. Pray that it lasts until Sunday!
  • Drainage improvements will be made to the north entrance grassy area.
  • Preschool playground committee will soon begin design work.
  • August income was strong and made up some of our July deficit.
  • Attendance last Sunday was our largest since March and included many visitors.
  • Men's and women's Bible studies begin next week. Sign-up forms are in the church lobby.

See you Sunday!

Posted by Jim Bachmann