SVC Women plays a vital role in the ministry of our church. All women are encouraged not only to participate in a Bible study, but also to serve in an area where they are gifted and/or passionate.  It's a "both/and" ministry: receiving the Word of truth through Biblical teaching and giving out of the overflow of our receiving.

Ministries to Women

Grief and Mercy

Participants in this ministry express love and concern to church members who have lost immediate family members and to those who are sick or injured.


The members of this prayer team regularly pray for the members of Stephens Valley Church by name.


Our widows receive comfort and care from this ministry through personal connection and large group fellowship gatherings.

New Members

Every woman who has recently become a member of Stephens Valley Church is welcomed and supported by the participants of this ministry.


This ministry is for those who enjoy creating, planning and hosting a variety of gatherings throughout the year to enhance the community of women at Stephens Valley Church.

Meals to New Moms

Women who participate in this ministry help to provide physical nourishment for families who have just welcomed a child into their home.

Women's Bible Study

We believe that it's important to study the word of God together. We have completed our fall session and look forward to launching new Bible studies in 2020. New members are always welcome. Stay tuned for more information.