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Alva Wolfe


    Although I was born and grew up in Madison, TN, there was a short time during those early years when our family lived in southeastern Kentucky where I accepted the Lord as my Savior. In fact, it was there I memorized my first 150 Bible verses (through the public school system, no less) in order to earn a free week of summer Bible camp, where I was exposed to missionary stories, igniting my love and longtime interest in overseas missions. Although I am now retired from a national healthcare company, I previously taught junior high school social studies in Annapolis, MD and Memphis, TN and then worked with Operation Mobilization in Israel, London, and Vienna (working with pastors and churches behind what was then the Iron Curtain.) I enjoy reading and traveling, especially visiting former missionary colleagues and taking an occasional short-term mission trip to Europe and beyond. As a member of SVC's Missions Committee, I am encouraged by the strong group of missionaries and ministries SVC supports. My prayer is that we can better engage and inform the congregation of those ministries for prayer, that through those ministries His Word and message of salvation will go out to those corners of the world to which the Lord has called SVC. What a blessing to be in such a loving church: loving the Lord, His Word, and each other, so that we can be strengthened to reach the world for His name's sake.