Deacons and Elders

SVC Council

Pastor Jim Bachmann, Moderator
John Avery, Administrator

Class of 2021              
Keith Day
Bill Kenny
Terry Warren

Class of 2022
Dick Speece
Walt Valentine       

Class of 2023
Mike Bishop
Ron Kimery
Tom Smith                                                         

Reserve Elders
Danny Hale
Dale Lewelling
Dave Jones
Louis Joseph
Mike Miller
William Tice

Elders Emeriti
Joe Eades
Charlie Fentress
Jim Spann
Clarence Sutherland

SVC Diaconate

Roy Pearson, Chair

Class of 2021
Dick Baxter
Steven Moore
Caleb Raymer
Bill Serie

Class of 2022
Kevin Burr
Will Powell

Class of 2023
Scott Parnell
Jerry Raymer
Mark Thomas

Reserve Deacons
Bill Clark
Ron Hamilton
Carlos Lara
Jesse Mayo
Vernon Prevatt

Corporation Officers

President: John Avery
Vice-President: Dale Lewelling
Secretary: Ron Kimery

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